10 tips when exhibiting

Here at JD we’ve attended and set up many exhibitions, so here are some tips when exhibiting:

1. Make a checklist before you go
It’s always a good idea to make a checklist of the items you need to take to your exhibition. Delegate responsibility for materials where possible, and let other people share the load. For example, we can bring all your printed literature and promotional items with us when we set up your stand. This means you don’t have to courier your literature to the event, or lug boxes around on the morning of the exhibition.

2. Take a friend/colleague
You will need to take breaks over the days when exhibiting, and it is important to do so to keep you fuelled and refreshed. Ensuring there is more than one of you at the event means you can take breaks without leaving your stand unattended.

3. Dress comfortably and for the occasion
You know your audience and what is appropriate for the event you are attending, but remember exhibitions are long days and you will be on your feet most of the time. Dress comfortably, and prepare for different temperatures. We can always incorporate a storage area into your stand for jackets, to keep your space looking tidy.

4. Give yourself plenty of time
To help take the stress out of the preparation of an exhibition, Just Digital will set up your stand for you, including testing electrics and putting out your literature and promotional items. This gives you more time to look around, meet fellow exhibitors, find the toilets and tea and coffee stations, and prepare to greet your prospective customers.

5. Have your phone handy
Normally, it’s not a good idea to be on your phone when manning your stand, however snapping a few photos and posting them on social media can help draw visitors to your stand, especially if you have a competition or something to give away. Remember to post your stand location with the photos.

6. Keep a tidy stand
Remember to keep your stand free of personal belongings, litter and clutter that might detract from your service or product. We can design your stand with storage, so you can keep additional literature and personal belongings out of view.

7. Have something to draw visitors to your stand
Everyone loves a freebie. Draw people to your stand by offering a freebie or a competition in exchange for their business card or contact details. Try to think of a competition that will keep people on your stand for a little while to encourage engagement.

8. Keep a note of who you speak to and their details
After a few days exhibiting, you might not be able to remember exactly what you spoke to your first lead about on the first day. Here’s where it’s handy to keep a notebook or leads book to write down their name, job role and company, and why they might be interested in your company.

9. Write notes for your visitors
In the same way that you might not remember exactly what you discussed with someone on day one, exhibition visitors are bombarded with information from all angles, and they might not be able to recall why your product or service is the best for them. When you hand out your business card or literature, write on it a few key words that will remind the visitor what you discussed. We’ve found that printing slightly larger cards with a space to write on is really useful to hand out with your literature.

10. Remember to follow up
It’s important to not let all your hard work at your exhibition go to waste. Follow up on any action points you have agreed with any leads. Get in touch with anyone you exchanged details with and remind them of what you discussed – this is where your notes will come in handy. It might be an idea to send out ‘thank you for visiting our stand’ marketing literature to remind people visually of your brand.

Enjoy your next exhibition!

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