Combining your Print and Social Media marketing

Social media is an invaluable marketing communication channel for many organisation, but by combining your online presence with your printed materials can help boost your overall engagement with your consumers.

In an ever-changing digital world, print is still proving to have a significant positive impact on consumers and when planning your marketing strategy, it can be highly beneficial to bring these two media sources together.

Here are four easy step to help you increase your social media platform following through your printed materials.


  1. Include Social Media Handles

Including your social handles on your printed designs may seem like a simple step to make, but if your promotional strategy includes sending out print materials to hundreds or even thousands of consumers, this will be great exposure to your social channels.

When doing this you should include your handles on all of your printed resources, from leaflets, business cards to billboards and exhibition signage.


  1. Use QR Codes

For the quickest access to your website or social pages, QR codes can provide the most instantaneous solution to find you when you include these on your printed products. By simply opening the camera app on your mobile device, the consumer will be taken straight to the digital channel of your choice. It’s one of the easiest and fastest ways to connect.


  1. Campaigns & Incentives

Give your consumers a reason to want to visit your social pages with competitions or campaigns. Get them involved with your community. An effective way to increase engagement is by encouraging consumer generated content within your adverts or call to actions. Advertising these through your print materials will encourage new visitors who may have not yet connected with you digitally.


  1. Show off with your glowing social media reviews:

If your consumers are raving about your products or services on your social media channels, leverage these valuable endorsements as they can help you stand out from your competitors. By including customer testimonials on your printed materials, it will deliver a strong message of trust and credibility.  75% of people say that they trust online reviews and nearly 90% say that they read reviews before making a purchasing decision.


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