Just Digital help build skills for the future

Over the past few weeks, Just Digital have had the pleasure of welcoming 3 work experience students into our Creative and Graphic Services departments.

Throughout their time with us, our students got involved in a range of different projects, including learning about our internal processes and spending time using professional graphic design software. All with the help and support of our graphic design teams.

The feedback we received from the schools and students has been hugely positive, as you can see from the comments below:

“There was a lot of freedom of what I could create and how to produce what I aimed for. It helped that I like drawing and designing as I used a lot of that knowledge to do the work. There was definitely a range of things to do here as I did nearly a different thing each day just in one section of the building.

Overall, I learned new skills (adjusting images), improved on old skills (patience, resilience) and had a good time at Just Digital. Everyone was nice and approachable which helped as I didn’t really know anyone or where everything was”.

“My experience of work has been interesting and educational. I’m glad I did it as I now have a taste of what life will be like when I start my career in the near future.

I can take all my new knowledge to school with me to help with my lessons. I’m excited to start my career and see how my life pans out, seeing where my knowledge takes me after education”.

We are pleased that our students enjoyed their time here, and that we were able to help develop personal and professional skills, whilst also providing a taster of the working environment.

We would like to thank our work experience students for all their hard work during their time at Just Digital.

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