How direct mail can increase your ROI

Printed marketing can be one of the most effective ways of communicating your brand and services to your customers. The use of direct mail has many advantages, and neuroscientific studies have shown that physical literature is an impactful and memorable method to communicate your product or service.

Print marketing, specifically direct mail, has been shown to require 21% less cognitive effort from consumers compared to digital media. This means it’s easier to understand and more memorable for your target audience. When remembering organisations, customers are 30% more likely to remember a company they received direct mail from compared to digital advertising, meaning customers are more likely to have your company in mind when they are looking for a product or service.

With vibrant colours, unique designs and creative finishes, here are a few ways printed literature can increase your ROI:

  • Emotional stimulation – Customers who receive printed materials are more likely to show emotional engagement.
  • Time engaged – 82% of customers tend to read printed materials longer than a minute.
  • Judging the value – Research has shown that people provided a higher valuation for items displayed in printed material, with 56% of customers who received printed marketing finding the brand more trustworthy.
  • Improved memory – Customers can recall information more quickly from printed materials, with 48% of customers keeping a direct mail , and the average person retaining it for 17 days.

Along with the above, effective and personalised print marketing also drives digital sales. A well-chosen selection of products in a mini-catalogue delivered to someone’s door, with compelling imagery and emotive content, can entice customers to your website. However, that customer is more likely to place an order online than through a telephone number due to convenience. 92% of customers have said they have been driven to the brand online by direct mail.

A great way to track printed material is by adding a unique postcode or number to call. This can be an effective way of monitoring how your customers found your product or service. Alternatively, adding a custom landing page that only customers who receive printed literature will know can be an effective way to monitor your print marketing campaign’s effectiveness.

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