Web to print – your questions answered

We know there can be lots of questions when looking into web to print for your business. To help you get started, here are the most frequently asked questions about web to print:

What is web to print?
Web to print is an online ordering portal and digital asset management tool helping organisations maintain their brand, save time, save money and provide their staff with access to personalisable, pre-determined marketing assets.

What are the benefits?
There are a range of benefits, from saving time and money and maintaining a consistent brand, to guaranteed print quality and centralised ordering. To see a full list of the benefits of web to print, please read our ‘Benefits of web to print’ page.

What products can I have on my site?
One of the great things about web to print is that you can include as many different products as you like. These could range from exhibition displays to promotional materials, such as pens, notebooks, cotton bags, business cards and exhibition stands. Promotional items and bulk print can be stored in our on-site fulfilment area, for call off when required.

Popular products include;

Business stationery, leaflets, postcards, training packs, brochures, posters, promotional items, outdoor banners and exhibition displays.

What will our site look like?
Your site can look however you like – it can be designed to match your corporate identity, we can brand it in our style, or you can have a simple and generic design. All of our websites provide a clean and simple layout with clear imagery throughout.

Can I approve what is ordered before it is processed?
Yes, you can. Approval workflows can be set up where user’s orders are sent for approval (often to line managers or marketing teams). This allows users to have access to order what they need, but provides you with more control over the process.

If I do not have approvals, can I see what has been ordered?
Yes, we can provide regular ordering reports at a frequency to suit you (often monthly). These reports will include any information you require, such as what has been ordered, who has ordered and quantities etc.

Can I pay for all items on one invoice?
Yes, all of your orders can be invoiced together at the end of the month.


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