What is PEFC certified paper?

PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) is an international organisation dedicated to promoting sustainable forest management through its internationally recognised principles and guidelines. It is developed with a broad consensus from stakeholders, international and inter-governmental bodies. Today, forest certification is an important aspect of sustainability with an estimated 9% of the world’s forests certified. Active in over 30 countries PEFC builds on from FSC® , facilitating certification of sustainable forestry but adapted towards small scale land owners.

PEFC delivers its certification through its own certified institutions. Placing a large emphasis on the supply chain, PEFC works throughout the entire chain to promote good forestry practice. All products are made with high ecological, social and ethical standards taken into consideration. PEFC uses internationally recognised requirements for certification and accreditation which are defined by the International Standardisation Organisation (ISO).

For certification, PEFC uses two labels –  PEFC Certified and PEFC Recycled:

PEFC Certified

For paper to be PEFC Certified, the paper must use at least 70% of wood from PEFC™ certified forests that meet or exceed the PEFC Sustainability Benchmark Requirements or contain wood that is from controlled sources.

PEFC Recycled

PEFC Recycled paper holds PEFC™ status when at least 70% of the material is from recycled sources and the wood is from controlled sources.


PEFC assures that your final product can be traced back to a sustainable source that has been managed with environmental, social and economic factors taken into consideration. This includes the protection of the workers’ rights throughout the supply chain. PEFC also addresses:

  • Recognising indigenous people’s rights through consultation in mind with local stakeholders and ensuring that workers’ rights are safeguarded
  • Prohibition of highly hazardous chemicals and GMOs
  • Protecting ecologically important forest areas and promoting biodiversity
What does it mean for your printed literature?

Using PEFC paper means that your printed literature is from sustainably sourced materials that can be traced back to its source. By using PEFC certified materials this means that:

  • You have purchased a renewable material – sustainable wood is renewable, and easy to recycle, meaning limited waste
  • Sustainable wood protects the local population – meaning workers involved in the logging process are protected, trees are cut under safe conditions and there is no negative impact on the local population’s living conditions
  • Deforestation is prevented– trees that are cut are subject to strict rules, for example in certain jungles only a certain number of trees are allowed to be cut in a specified area every 30 years to enable and promote regrowth in the forest, or new trees must be planted in its place
  • You’re protecting the planet for generations to come – limiting deforestation and promoting sustainable logging ensures that the world’s forests will stay for years to come



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